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by Prevert

Are you listening to me? Do you have your ears open? Can you hear me? Can you hear me?! I'm talking to you Listen tomorrow whats said today. Re-listen It isn't that far astray Soon comes the day We've got to rise up and take a stand Not empty inside I don't wish this on you Not to feel this way But we're cursed The corpses lay hidden in the sand Hidden heart not hard Tried and failed I fade away You can't fade away We can't fade away There's too much left to do Too much left to say
FETID 04:48
I tried to make it through this without breaking down I tried to hold my head out of the flood, so I wouldn't drown I did it all the best that I could These times were in, no matter how hard I try, its never any good No its never any good So nail me to the cross and hang me out to dry There's a thousand reasons why You make me out to be a failure And the vultures swarm overhead To feast on my rotting corpse I feed the flock Bloated belly fetid innards Clawing nails deep into the earth Bleeding out these inequities Bleeding out these inequities I'm bleeding out Why cant I just be left alone
WEIGHT 03:36
She said one time Got down She said I can't take anymore I'm gonna break I'm being beaten down Crumbling under the weight
Your dirty little secret Has a hole in its hand Sour little pieces Sprinkled all in the sand It travelled like a virus From coast to the coast Tiny blackened pieces Spread it on your toast I am choking on this shit Feeble minds and forgotten populace The taste of the race Like a dirty rotten fruit Drink it down To the sound From the rusted iron boot From the rusted iron boot Put a cork, stick the fork, in the pig of deciet Swallow the news and the lies, like the rotten meat Bite, chew, suck, choke, screw, mind fuck I know im just one of the few billion sitting ducks I am choking on this shit Feeble minds and forgotten populace The taste of the race Like a dirty rotten fruit Drink it down To the sound From the rusted iron boot I am choking on this shit I am choking on this shit I am choking on this shit I am choking
Try to control me Blood sucking leeching Dehydrated meat eating Suffocating, fucking, liberation negating; Nazis We will never be free Enslave me colorblind Hating; not race debating Defecating; freedom raping Enjoying priceless vacating Preying on the prayers Religion is the tool The law construed No one ever cares for you You take and take, we fall from grace We're off the map, society made Yet we still have to pay Penalized, recycled money, paying themselves; fake It's all make believe Believe what you want to believe Falling through the sieve You'll make the cake thick You'll make the cake thick Falling through the sieve
Pain unnerves me Grasp the shutters, phone rings Disturbing, eating fabric of sanity Taste the dirt.. Failure hurt Cold vein Muscle fatigue Memory leaves a trace Shredding paper due date, warm by the fireplace Leave in haste, hates; nothing in its place Has a space, confined space, states no waste Wasted days, every day is a waste Every day is the same Breakdown, pity myself, walks the hall Not face to face, too disgraced Console, no; not me. Not worthy Just leave, crying, wont go away Wait for tomorrow Another day eating away Diligence decayed Mind betrayed, mind betrayed, mind betrayed When I look into the dark I see the face staring back at me The look of uncertainty breathing deep The vapor of naivete' A cruel crooked smile setting the scene Trying to construct Every day is the same Every day is the same Every day is the same as yesterday
Lay down with me Beneath the surface of time Until the waters run clean and clear our minds Soon it will all disappear And we will have nothing to fear
Thrust the finger into the wound Gaping hole Look inside, in side.. I have nothing left What once was will never be, hide.. Can't control vanity Never gave, never gave. Never forward, fast forward time Again, never see In time Repeating circumstance The consequence of being me, trapped. Its time for tea, tea time Time to plea, side, whose side.. Never see inside Cast a blind eye, eyes blind Behind, all this time.. Never to return Never to return...
Ground shakes Glass breaks Cold outside, gravitate Blood moon cannot see, blood moon cannot see Jesus is coming back soon, the preachers say Let him come, we'll get away From this eternal suffering Can't live, live today We all died to our sins yesterday Giving in, giving up Put your hands in the air, he don't give a fuck He don't give a fuck
Needle point Needle point green Needle point Needle point green Never, never see Insisted not infected Becoming extinct Instinct dissected Do as we are directed Following, follow, followed Hollowed, hallowed Burning incincerated Slowly exterminated Picking up the evidence Falling through fingers Betrayed, led astray Another day led astray Come our way Come our way
DV8R 03:30
Pulling the metal through the muck Box of memories holds the time we shared The cold rain fell Smoke filled air Sitting there, blank stare The time stopped The time stopped Moment shared scene by scene Flashing lights Disgruntled feelings in the night The words quite clear Sent the message, hear Encompassing the sound We gathered around They all gathered around We all gathered around They didn't think we would be here It's so surreal, so surreal
BLUE 02:16
Endless regression Collective dissection The world spewed forth in front of you Absorbing the fluids through the skin Let the poison sink in Turning blue You hate to hear all the news But what happens doesn't concern you Just your involvement won't change a thing Just sit back and enjoy the suffering Turning blue
Who am I to judge, when so many others are wielding the gavel Like executioners on the chopping block You have turned me into a martyr Because I won't play a puppet to society And conform like all the rest, just to earn their respect You never accepted me for who I am Told me that I am not a real man Stripped my integrity Took the wool from the lamb You thought it would be the last time I tried The last time I cried, just like the last time The cycle repeats itself And I ask myself why, havent I done enough Because it never gets any better If you and your pawns want to crucify me for being me For not taking my place among the sheep You can all relish in my misery You can go to hell and suck my dick six feet deep
When I held you I felt you slipping away When I grasped tighter, it weakened me You said I was always the stoic one But you were the bone that would never break While I sat alone in the dark, hiding from the pain and my mistakes My mistake.. It didn't bother me when things got out of control There was always a logical explanation not to fold But it's getting close and the door is about to shut And we can't get the time we lost back No we can't get it back.. Opposites attract they say but were proof it isnt true Yet I don't know what I'd do without you After all the misery Somehow we'd make it through
Running away day to day Can't get away from the fame and the pain My mistake, took the cake, always baked Minds race, what's a race? What a race New face, new place, confined space, no taste Past the spoon fed veins Contained, can't contain, contain the pain, gone insane The killing game taught me to clean the slate Clean your plate, forget the taste Tasted once, once was, never be, will never be me; again. Never be I chose to see The path ahead is purity (I have you all here standing beside me)
Erasing everything Starting to infuriate me Depressing, disgusting, misusing, mistrusting Delete you, delete me Tear apart the exterior meat Nails digging, I am fading I can feel.. I can feel it slowly fading Slowly killing me... Trying, failing, failed, flailing Ragged corpse numb Lost feeling, beating the ceiling Unturned, upturned, spurned, heart yearned Soul burned Chew the coal Like jaws churned Ashes to teeth Where is my, belief? Where is my belief? They keys lost beneath The sound travels down Restless, twitching, something missing Blood pouring out the vessel Click the tip, retract the muscle I can't reach you anymore I can't reach you I can't reach you I'm failing my view Wasting away...


This is the fifth outting from the electro-industrial duo known as PREVERT.
On this album Nick Destruct took over all vocal duties as well as writing and production.


released October 28, 2014

Produced by Nick Destruct and Tim Butcher.


all rights reserved



Prevert Alabama

PREVERT is an industrial music project based in North Alabama.
Nick Destruct: Electronics, guitars, vocals.
Tim Butcher: Vocals, samples, electronics

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