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by Prevert

Intro 01:47
Born Again 03:00
A little bit diseased A little bit damned A little bit forgotten, that's what I am. (chorus) Spit spurned and spat upon Through this vileness I've ravelled on This heart of blackened sin This vileness I've reveled in These lies I have told These years of waste and regret This night has grown cold This might be the end of me yet The white light is callin' This black heart is gnawin' Did you come here for my heart or just to play? Im born again everytime you stay I can see it in your eyes you'll make me pay Well I don't care I'm fucked anyway The white light is callin' This black heart is gnawin' The white light is callin' This black heart is gnawin'
Got the hole in my heart From this hell in my head Keep fucking up Sip the wine and pass the bread It don't mean a thing Searching through these cemetery dreams Navigating, scene to scene
TimBucToo 03:51
Feast or famine blood or cum Entrails of the goddess yum yum yum.. Pornographic tendencies, spank the politician over your knees Take a trip trip over the candlestick, burn your dick on the flame Look into their eyes see the blood red iris Feed the flesh and spread the virus Spread your hate from here to timbuctoo Spread your lies, it's all you know how to do
Extispicy 03:16
Inoculator 04:48
Decaying carcass Maggot filled abscess Bloated bodies festering Making progress The virus spread Involuntary subjects Inoculate the privileged Antigenic substance Quarantine the weakest Force fed lies, unresponsive Multinational assistance looking in Systematic slaughtering The resistance, don't give in Propaganda, lies, deceit Injected spies placed to disseminate Kissing feet Money talks The root of evil is power Over the populous Terminate
Sieve 03:40
Remember us? were the ones you threw away Remember us? were the ones that you left to decay Remember us? you thought we'd just fade away Remember us! we told u we'd make you pay Remember us.. you knew it would happen someday Sieve, in my soul, taking its toll. Losing myself thru these little holes Im so sick of the shit that you sow, I'm so sick, so sick no
Fata Organa 03:05
Can't get up, can't get out, can't give in, can't bow down. Trapped in my own personal hell. Got my soul but its too frozen to sell. I dream of you when I need some escape Slowly losing myself. Guess its my fate. I can't save myself. I can't save myself. I can't save myself. I can't save myself. I can't save myself no, I can't save myself. I can't save myself. I can't save myself. I try to run but I keep coming back to you. I try to run, I try to run. I try to run but I keep coming back to you. I try to run, I try to run. I try to run but I keep coming back. Keep coming back, keep coming back to you. I try to run but I keep coming back to you. Keep coming back to you.
Torture device Plastic crevice cries Abandonned oblivion A thoughtful gift for the flies Press the button for pleasure A dome world prophesied Scatter the knowledge Forget a reason for the lies Read the labels carefully Set the tables binary Who pushed who over what ledge? Lend a hand to a neighbor in protest Pro-life bonafied sun dress Semen stain incrusted on the book of life Get a facial without a knife Spasmatic overload Diabolical lick the toad Makes for good conversation The pieces of your rotted soul Canned and packaged poison mole This evil well has run dry Dead Asian girls don't taste very nice Plant a tree for your tomorrow Season your chicken with this spice.
Hyperborean 04:25
My friend, where do I begin? I let your love in, was my cardinal sin My friend, when will it end? With the sliest grin, you took my heart again Bathed in moonlight; I saw our bodies rise and fall The reflections in the glass Could have swore we would conquer all Where are you now when I need you most? So far removed I can't shake your ghost My friend, how can I pretend I don't need you still? You broke my will.
Deleterious 04:06
...but I guess now things have changed. I guess its time to move on with my life. All of this time we've been separated; I've been falling farther from you day by day. I pushed you away from me. And now you are pushing me away from you. You aren't the same you anymore. You act different, you look different. And you aren't the same you. And you don't tell me that you love me anymore. I really don't know what to do right now with my life because I don't have you, but I'm beginning not to want you. You can't forgive me, you don't trust me and I don't think you really love me anymore. I was beginning to think that we were meant to be together still because I haven't been able to get over you. I still think about you everyday; all day, and I dream about you all the time. You made so many promises to me in the past. Those promises have turned to lies. You said you would love me forever, you would never leave me. You'd give me all that a girl could give and now you've abandoned me. I've told you that I would change but you wont come back. I've told you the truth and you wont come back. What do you want from me, I'm only human and I'm not perfect. Whatever you decide is up to you. I wont be here there or anywhere. I will never come back, so I will end this letter. Love yours truly, This is my severance.
Bring the sin, welcome to the tragedy It begins, the end of you and me Take the time, to wipe away the tears But the pain, it revels in our fears Chrous: Just when I think I've suffered enough I got back to the well more times than i should The bitter taste of what should have been you and me Lingering, the past is here to stay In the end, I thought of what we were In its place, this phoney life of misery Break the plane, shatters my sensitive nerves But the pain, gives us what we deserve
When you feel you need me to give more than I can, I can't. So many years I thought it through. Why can't I get those pieces back and use for you. If anyone deserves them it should be you. Feeling you touching me intimately I feel the heat from you melting over me. And it takes me to a place I'd rather not be. In my dreams; your lips your sweat. Its like you never left Your embrace, your breath.
Kuebiko 03:03
Dissecting the cause of the hate they have caused Back to the days of padded cemented walls Between our lives like civil war cannon balls destroying nations. You have all caused Your incantations assuming no obligations Your happiness can rot in your damnation You ignorant fucks won't ruin it for us The blood that was spilled was not in vain The economical sutures has held tight Allowing these battle scars to heal We won't allow you to rip open our wounds Bleeding us dry over your radical fears Mind warped twisted words playing the psychological game Brainwashing the uneducated vile, stubborn and maimed Go back to your guns and bitches living in trailer park ditches Like a tax increase will affect your riches So what're you fighting for? What's in it for you? Like you really care what they do What will benefit you? You must not care.
Bombing in the subway..Where the fuck was Jared!? Gaddafi fled the palace.. Revolutionary nuns raped and murdered one by one Brutally disemembered then raped again just for sport Hanging in the balance, A wasted life of tyranny Occupy the streets, It all will end in tragedy The people want vengence Let em have it The people want blood and games Let em have it The people want blood (hahaha) Let em have it I'm not disgruntled I'm just dystopian The people want vengence Let em have it The people want blood and games Let em have it The people want blood (hahaha) Let em have it (unintelligible) The people want blood.. LET EM HAVE IT
I'm spinning in this web I weave I'm only part machine I live inside my dreams Where nothing seems quite right to me Chorus: Tear away the skin and the flesh and bone Tear away everything that I've known Shove aside all the lies and the pain and the hate It unfolds (Tear it away from me!) And run! Go far away that I'll never see The face of dispair staring back at me Just go! But don't look back because I might break Just run! It all unfolds around me The truth that I don't wanna see The misery built up inside me Can you make this go away? It all unfolds around me The truth that I don't wanna see The misery built up inside of me Can you make it go away? (tear it away)
Outro 02:17


Prevert 3.0: Existentialism is the 3rd electro-industrial outting from the Finding Sanity Music camp.
On this release, rather than focusing on any particular style of industrial, Prevert exposes their many different musical influences from Bowie to Depeche Mode.
Containing some of the most personal and introspective lyrics T.Butcher or N.Destruct have written.
Existentialism is a complex beast. At times visceral and confrontational and at other times reflective and brutally honest.
This sonic journey into psychosis, betrayal and shattered dreams may be a long one, but well worth the trip to the listeners who make it out the other side, shaken, but intact.


released September 11, 2013

Nick Destruct: musical frameworks, guitar, synths, vocals
Tim Butcher: vocals, arrangements, synths


all rights reserved



Prevert Alabama

PREVERT is an industrial music project based in North Alabama.
Nick Destruct: Electronics, guitars, vocals.
Tim Butcher: Vocals, samples, electronics

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