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Another Dead Rebellion

by Prevert

Curb the distrubed acts of violence Negative belligerent and uninformed Keep your fucking fingers off the keys They want to take away our rights You're a terrorist if you put up a fight Freedom of speech is no more What you say might make someone's asshole sore Everyone is so fucking blind You see what they want you to see And you'll believe anything Too stubborn and ignorant The virus is malignant Spreading through society and never lying dormant Choke choke choke choke choke on the cock of christ Because you've all sinned and spread your lies The hot fire iron will put out your eyes So turn your head and look away In the past God overlooked such ignorance and decay But now he commands all people everywhere to repent So pull down your pants and join in the dance The acts of violence Join in the dance The acts of violence
Seven Sins 04:02
Two, the sum of regrets that I have Three, ways in which I have been bad One, day im going to get it all back I drink thier blood to quench my thirst This hell on earth in which I live Cant compare to the taste of the sin Dripping sweat sweet as mint, sweet as mint Just one more blackened wretched soul Vengeance and havok, weakened few Appointed judge and equalizer The seven sins Even the four horsemen pay thier dues to me
Dreamraped 04:36
Driven by insane ambition Seething with your own volition Cut the cord drop the fetus Your gods here now.. Your gods here now, he wants to meet us Talk to him your own desires He's hid those there, guns for hire Mediate intent the will With those words she shoots to kill Shoots to kill, Shoots to kill, kill.. She shoots to kill Deep thickens blackend meat It will never be the way it used to be Swept the rug dirty hole youre digging Its a dirty hole your digging Its a dirty hole Such a dirty hole youre digging In my eyes I see Darkness imprisoning me Every heart beat that beats It floods the gates and sets me free If I could be who I used to be The sea you see I see unseen Nevermind me, it was all a dream It was all a dream, you and me.. It was all a dream It was all a dream


New single EP from the upcoming full length Prevert release "their hearts will rot". Due out November 13th, 2015.


released September 22, 2015

Music, Programming, and vocals on Track #1 by Nick Destruct.
Music, Programming, Vocals on Track #2 by Nick Destruct.
Music and Programming on track #4 by Nick Destruct.
"Found Sounds" on Track #2 by Tim Butcher.
Track #3 remixed by Tim Butcher.
Track #6 remixed by J. Kadaver (corroded dissonance).


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Prevert Alabama

PREVERT is an industrial music project based in North Alabama.
Nick Destruct: Electronics, guitars, vocals.
Tim Butcher: Vocals, samples, electronics

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